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Over the past 29 years SecurityNational Mortgage Company (SNMC), a Security National Financial Company (SNFC), has grown beyond a small wholesale mortgage lender into a nearly $5.8 billion-dollar annual production company. SNMC now serves more than 15,000 clients in 44 states from 135 offices, every year.

As a management team, we had a growing concern that our circle of professionals would not be able to continue to serve our clients at the level we have established at SNMC. Given our more boutique, personal approach to business at SN Mortgage Company, we are able to offer the same great services and personal attention you expect with the benefit of having SNFC as our parent company.


SN Mortgage Company is comprised of some of the best loan professionals and staff from SNMC. This means processes are extremely efficient, resulting in faster closings and more satisfied clients and partners. Our growing team of mortgage finance experts and processors are committed to your satisfaction and have decades of experience when assessing unusual loan scenarios.

We recognize how important it is to create a low-stress and empowering process so that you remain in communication with your loan team, and they help you become a better-educated client along the way. Our professional loan officers keep you updated throughout the loan process. We want to be your lender for life!


Creating a better alternative is precisely the inspiration behind SN Mortgage Company. When you think of Mortgage Bankers, you may think of large, cold corporations. There are many out there that have expanded to the point that many consumers feel like just a number; and quite frankly, helpless to choose a better option. We firmly believe in quality over quantity.

We REALLY are here for you. We don’t take for granted that you have a choice with whom you conduct business. You could elect to have one of the most important transactions in your life be handled solely by a website. However, we think that many prefer to work with a trusted human, who can think about your unique situation and advise in making the best choices to meet your needs and goals. We never want to turn your name into a number.


In order to serve you better, SN Mortgage Company offers unique programs to assist you; from pre-approval, to move-in, and beyond. We are able to provide programs and options many of our competitors can’t. We value you and that’s why we are always finding new ways to provide the best loan experience possible. We like to think we are the “right-size” to meet the needs of our clients.

You can depend on us to deliver what you expect; including timely responses, accurate and insightful advice, correct quotes, and value-based pricing. We aim to not only serve all of your home financing needs, but strive to over deliver to the point that you refer your friends and family to SN Mortgage Company, so they can experience the same difference when getting a loan. If there’s ever an opportunity for us to improve, please let us know.

Multilingual services available: Italian, Arabic, Spanish, French, Urdu, Hindi, Punjabi, Farsi, Tagalog (Filipino)